Italy: Beautiful Views, Delicious food and Crappy Internet.

Louis Rizzo

I am sitting in my hotel room, the Wi-Fi is down again and I am typing this on my iPhone because it’s the only device I have that can access the internet at the moment. So finally I have been fortunate enough to fulfill my lifelong dream of going to Italy and let me start by saying that it is everything I could have ever hoped it would be. Being in a new country learning a new culture is such an amazing experience, I am glad I get to be a part of it. Also, having all of my friends here with me is awesome and makes this so much better. But anyway, moving on to the important stuff, Italy is a great country if you aren’t in a rush to get stuff done (which is perfect for me.) Everyone here does things at their own pace and stress is at an all time low, which makes for a great atmosphere around town. It may take some people a while to get used to this because we come from a society where everything needs to be done right this very second, but trust me once you get used to it, its great. The food here is amazing also! Nothing is processed, ingredients are fresh, and everything is delicious, no matter what you order. So far I am really enjoying my stay in Italy and I am looking forward to what the next couple of months bring! Ciao for now.