We’ve Landed

Victoria Antoine

Wow. It has yet to sink-in that I am studying abroad in Italy! I had expected to have experienced major culture shock from the moment that I had stepped off the plane. I was surrounded by an unfamiliar language on the first half of our trip, during our flight to Germany, and then, a second unfamiliar language on the second half of our trip, during our flight to Italy. Not even then, did this trip become a reality. It has been 2 weeks, now, and although I am submersed in a brand new culture with drastically alternative ideals of living, I still have yet to experience that “WOW factor”.
However, one should not mistaken my lack of bewilderment for an absence of awe. It is absolutely beautiful here in Prato! So far, I have visited Florence, hiked the mountain of Retaia, and have tested the many tasteful cuisines. I could continue to go on to explain the many differences that I have encountered between what I am accustomed to back home and what I have found new to me here, but that is all part of our experiential learning. After a few more weeks, I am certain that some of these differences will become less apparent and more routine for all of us, here. These are just assumptions for the future. Who knows what will occur in the weeks to come; maybe I will experience that culture shock after all.

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