Meal Plan

One of the best things about Italy is the food! To make eating out simple and convenient for students, UNH Prato runs a prepaid meal voucher system. At Orientation in Prato you will be provided with a set of meal vouchers which can be exchanged for meals at several city center cafés and restaurants for the duration of the semester.

Using the vouchers

All you have to do is to go into the place where you want to eat and hand over a voucher for the meal that you want (either breakfast, lunch or dinner – there are 3 kinds of voucher) and… buon appetito!

You don’t have to hand over ANY money (unless you want something extra).

Please also note the following:
• All meals are guaranteed only at the appropriate moments – lunch can be enjoyed during lunchtime, dinner at dinner time, etc. Times may vary at each establishment.
• Meal vouchers cannot be traded for alcoholic beverages.
• If you’d like something that’s not on the menu, or you’d like something swapped out for something else, feel free to ask the people who work in the restaurant/bar, but it might not be possible for them to oblige.
• You must hand over your voucher in the bar/restaurant to get your free meal. No voucher, no free meal.
• You don’t have to stick to one place – you’re free to try out all of the establishments who have signed up to the scheme.

We’re always happy to get your feedback about Meal Plan options. If you have any comments or complaints about service or quality of food, please come and tell us immediately!

Grocery shopping with your vouchers

An essential component of living abroad is exploring the food like a native – from food shopping for ingredients right through to preparing a meal for a group of friends. For this reason the Tuscany Campus meal vouchers can also be used for shopping at the supermarket in piazza Sant’Agostino. You can use them to buy anything at the supermarket except alcohol, but of course we recommend that you use them to buy groceries and ingredients that you can use to prepare some meals at your housing. The vouchers can also be used at that supermarket for basic household items and toiletries.

When used for shopping, each lunch voucher is worth 6 Euro. If you spend less than 6 Euro change will not be given, so make sure you spend at least 6 Euro when you use them. If you spend more than 6 Euro (or 12 Euro if you put two vouchers together) you must make up the difference with your own money.

For more information on where to purchase grocery items, see the Shopping section on p. 46 and the Markets section on p. 40.