Dogs: Italy’s best friend

Sean Thompson

As I arrived in Prato, Italy, I first noticed picturesque mountains, the woman, ¬†and dogs or “cane” (that’s italian for dog). It was hard to miss them because it seems everybody and their grandma has a dog, as if it was required by law. Everyday on route to anywhere in Prato I see at least 10 to 15 dogs no exaggeration. Quite frankly, I love it. Generally the dogs are pretty big, it seems its popular to have a giant wolf-looking dog around here. I guess the italians aren’t keen on little frou-frou dogs that one could stick in a handbag and tote around. I hope that when my italian speaking skills get better I can ask someone if i can pet their dog. I could probably do that now with the little Italian I know, but I feel it would be better if I knew what I was talking about. Maybe even be able to strike up some small conversation with a local but that’s just wishful thinking although certainly not impossible for that to happen. So, yeah, if you like dogs that’s one of the many perks to living around Prato.

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