First blog ever

Douglas Desroches

I’m starting to get to know Prato better.  Walked around by myself for about an hour.  Some people gave me dirty looks cause I walked by a couple times.  I guess they thought I was up to no good.  Then I saw Tori and a bunch of freshman shopping and decided to join since I was bored anyways.  I guess the freshman decided to call me Ben now since I cut my hair.  I realized that I shouldn’t go into a jewelry store with a girl cause they take so long in there.  We then hit up the shoe store, which is ridiculously expensive but has some of the nicest Italian shoes.  After that I started to look through my pictures I took since I’ve been here and came across Medusa.  I think I could have killed her.  It didn’t seem that hard in the movie Clash of The Titans.  I would be like who is Zeus, I just killed Medusa.  Other than that, Italy is great. Having lots of fun.



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