Isola Di Capri

Charles Brooks

To anyone studying in Italy, or abroad in general, go to Capri. Basically It is a giant rock off the coast of naples that is layered with Villas and Restaurants that zig zag their way up the mountain side. I was lucky enough to spend 3 nights on the island in a rented villa with beautiful views of Marina Grande.

The Island is divided into 3 sections, Marina Grande, Marina Piccola, and Annacapri. There are buses running every 30 minutes to destinations across the island, but be prepared to be crammed tightly because Capri usually sees more tourists daily than it has in residents. All the roads are one lane and it seems like we almost had a head on collision every time we rode the bus. After speaking with a taxi driver, I would not recommend renting a scooter after he said tourists crash everyday on the windy roads.

My favorite and the most popular attraction on the Island is the Grotta Azzura, or Blue Grotto. Named for its stunning blue lit water that shines from the ocean floor. The views were great but the boat service was a rip off. 8.50 euro per person, plus a tip if you want to stay in the grotto for longer or swim. Those guys clean up since there is always a steady flow of tourists with money to blow.

After going into the grotto, we walked down the path leading to a couple of restaurants. Beyond the restaurants lie a series of cliffs and ladders that you can easily jump or dive off of. They aren’t too high but ended up being one of the funnest parts of our trip. If your looking to stay in capri, rent Stefano’s house from, he offered us an extra night for free since we arrived late thursday night.



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