Just Design

Shaquasia Myrie

So today I bought new headphones because my previous ones broke. They ran out of headphones in the store I usually go to, so I decided to go to the store that recently opened across from Manessi called Just Design. I  dont know why, but I thought the logo on the bag was nice. The bag itself is transparent and the color of the letters are light silver. When you hold the bag up to the light, the letters take on a dark gray color. I also found it appealing that under the light, the logo is seen on both sides of the bag.

The letter forms themselves are joined together by a a single top bar acting as what could either be  the cap height or the ascender for all the letters. Im not too sure why the letter “S” differs from the other letters. It is more so the negative space around the letter S that is profound.  There is a boxed shape forming on the left side. The only explanation I can come up with is that the J, U, and T are letterforms that are created utilizing straight lines. The letter S is formed only through curved lines. The colored area on the left side of the S unifies the design a little better.Given the gray space to the left of the letter S wasn’t there, there would be more white space between the letters U and S than between the S and T.

The items inside the store itself is colorful, so I understood why the store may have gone with a transparent bag. The color of the bag would change depending on what was purchased at the store. The headphones I bought were yellow, so one could see a spot of yellow at the bottom of the bag.

I also noticed as the bag was held up to the light, one can see and uppercase J with the bar extending out on both sides. On the other end the J only has the bar extending out on one side. The letters of the bag itself are not aligned on the baseline. In not too sure if this was done purposefully or not.



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