Late Post, Late for Dinner, I’m Embracing Italian Common Courtesy

Shaquasia Myrie

Two days ago, I had dinner with the Italian family. At first, I was under the impression that the dinner would be small and intimate. I ended up being put in the largest group. It was about 10 of us. The family we had dinner with was Rebecca, her mother, and Rebecca’s cousin. Rebecca and her cousin invited other Italians as well so it was a small gathering of people. There were about 15 Italians that came through. My first thoughts meeting the Italians were, “Well we’re underdressed.” They legit dressed up nice for this dinner gathering. I made it my task that night to try and talk with each Italian there, which I did. However, I only remember a couple of names.

I remember Fillipo because of his mario brothers’  looking mustache. His best friend had a mustache too. I thought they were brothers, but they are just good friends. Also Giorgio was nice to talk to. They seemed pretty chill.

I enjoyed conversing with Giovanna the most. She seemed like a really down to earth person. I found it interesting that she lived in Switzerland and Germany prior to Italy. She also speaks many languages: German, French, English and Italian.  The only thing I said in German was “I speak very little German.” Its making me reconsider taking up German again now that I am meeting here in Italy that speak German.

For dinner we had homemade lasagna and pesto as main courses. The lasagna was heaven sent. The pesto was good too. It was my first trying pesto with the type of noodles they had. Im not too sure what I had as an appetizer but it was good. For desert they had different flavors of Gelato and tiramisu. I definitely had the ultimate gut after eating all of that food.

Karaoke was cool too. It started off kinda slow but people eventually go into it. I sang Destiny’s Childs’ “Say my name.” Other people sang were R. Kelly’s “Ignition” and Tyga’s “Rack City.” Andy sang rack city. He was pretty good too. Throughout the night I also managed to lose at chess to James. Besides that, I really enjoyed myself and glad I decided to go. I was having last minute doubts about going out of pure laziness. I would have missed out on a great opportunity.

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