Shaquasia Myrie

This past weekend I went to Rome with a few other students from UNH. I took tons of scenic and candid photos on my trip. From time to time I snapped a photo of a sign that I found intriguing. One of the signs I took a photo of was of a Gelato spot. At first glance I asked myself “what’s a lato?” then I saw the capital letter G at the end. Then I read the sign again and caught on the second time. Under “latoG” was a subtitle in Italian. I didn’t understand it. With the assistance of Google translate I found out that its direct translation was “flavors of ice cream in the world.” I now understood why the G was placed to the right of the rest of the word. In reference to the world being round, reading the sign would allow the reader to re-read the sign in a rotation after the 1st encounter. I myself read the sign twice after my 1st encounter. This is an example of semiotics in graphic design where there’s a denotation and a connotation. The denotation is what one sees. The connotation is what one thinks. My research on the elements of semiotics brought me to a blog post that gave these simple definitions:

My denotation was the letters and words written in Italian. My connotation was my relation of the letters to the translation of the subtitle. Aside from type, color was also a tool to suggest a variety of gelato flavors offered at the eatery. The row of assorted colors at the bottom of the sign hinted at this idea, as well as the colors used in the subtitle.  The sign itself did not have an overwhelming amount of color. I personally liked the use of white space in the sign. Gelato it is a very light treat. The white area in the sign gave off a light feel, especially at night. That’s when I took the photo. White stands out quite well. As for the daytime the lettering would most likely catch someone’s attention. There was a good amount of white space to contrast with the black lettering in my personal opinion.



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