Lucca Wall Walker > Tightrope Walkers…Just Saying

Shaquasia Myrie

This past friday, I attended the school trip to Lucca. We visited a few Piazza’s. The one I found most interesting was the piazza that was formally an arena. You could see the ovular shape of the former arena as well as the 4 main entrances. In another Piazza, there was a statue with Mary and her son with gold rays protruding outward behind them. The rays were actually colored gold and gave some contrast to the white marble. The rays were curved which is a personal touch I really liked about it. I snapped the usual scenic as well as some pics with people in it. I made sure I spent a good amount of my time at the walls because that is what Lucca is known for. I walked on the trail where people were biking, running, walking their dogs etc. After seeing some teens walking on the actual wall, I decided to give it a go as well. I took a quick video of myself walking on the wall. You’ll have to excuse my elevator music in the video. I have a habit of doing that while I walk sometimes.








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