Malato Means Sick

Danielle Sumoski

Being sick 2 weeks into Italy isn’t a pleasant time. Already having to miss class is one thing, but finding medicine when you don’t know any Italian yet is hard. Also not knowing where you can get certain brands / cheeper stuff is difficult. (And not having homemade chicken noodle soup in bed)

First task when being sick was to go to the doctors and find out what is actually wrong with you. So we have this certain doctor to go to who only has crazy short hours, so I couldn’t even go the first day I was ill, and the second I had to wait until 4:30 in the afternoon to see her. I finally get there and was told that she spoke English. I guess not. We used google translate to communicate, which is scary when you are allergic to certain kinds of medication. I guess she understood what I was allergic too though because I’m still alive. She then gave me chicken scratch on a piece of paper to bring to the pharmacy down the street to get the medicine I needed. Lucky, they could read her hand writing.

The next task was finding out if there was Nyquil in Italy at all so I could actually sleep at night. Luckily we have things like google now for that and Vick’s does make a European Nyquil called Medinait. I also got some really expensive cough drops because I don’t actually know how to say cough drops so I just went with whatever they gave me. One of the pharmacy’s closed to Roma has some workers who speak some English and that really helped me out. They also know me by first name now because I’ve been there 4 days straight getting different things for symptoms I am having.

The last thing was finding soup in the “summer” season in Italy. Can you believe they do not have soup all year round here? Crazy. I found one place so far that has some potato soup, but most places don’t start making soup for a couple more weeks. At least the next time I’m sick they will have it.

Still not better yet, but hopefully I will be soon. Here is a picture of all the medicine I have bought for the bug I managed to pick up.


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