Market in Piazza Mercato Nuovo

Sara Haney

Today a group of us went to this local market in the Piazza Mercato Nuovo.  The market is there every Monday and starts early in the morning and ends around 1pm.  There are a ton of vendors that sell all different kinds of goods, all the way from fish to clothes!  There’s this one vendor, that i suggest you go to if you like cheese, that has all different types of cheeses for only a few euros. There are also vendors who sell fruit, fish, deli meats, vegetables, bread and more! Everything at the market is sold very cheap and very tasty!

On the other side of the market, there are a bunch of vendors that are selling clothes, bags, shoes, and houseware items.  This part of the market reminded me of  flea markets back at home.  This part of the market also felt like it went on forever!

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