No one really uses extended fonts

Sean Thompson

With very few resources, I found out even fewer people use extended typefaces. Designers are all about fitting mass amounts of information into  small spaces; with an extended type that is quite hard to do. There are a few typeface families that do extended type nicely. Hellenic, Egyptian , Helvetica, Latin ,Trade Gothic and Microgramma. Microgramma was craeted by Aldo Novarese prior to his creation of the typeface eurostile. Microgramma was used for technical design and was overall quite popular during the early seventies due to letraset (UK based business making innovative media for designers).

Finding information about people using extended ¬†type this day and age was also quite difficult, aside from some a handful of typophile threads and those “top 20 font”

The Star Wars logo as well as other science fiction driven brands use extended face for their works

To be edited because there is little to no information on usage of extended type on the internet.

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