Tricked by the Buti

Sara Haney

The first day of class we were told about this beautiful waterfall called Rio Buti.  Our teacher said it was in Prato and was quite a hike but not too bad and very easy to get too. Well, that was the exact opposite. I would love to write about how we hiked up this mountain with great views and found this amazing waterfall, but I can’t.  When we started this adventure we definitely should have gotten more directions other then “just go left at the bridge, take the road along the river and follow the signs to Rio Buti.”

The road to get there was very confusing because it would always split into two directions and we never knew which way to take.  One time the road led to a dead end and we had to turn back around, but luckily we didn’t go too far.  As we kept walking we never saw any signs for Rio Botti so we asked a few people and they said we were going in the right direction.  After going up a huge mountain (that had chains you had to hold on to because it was so steep) and going over a rock wall, there was no waterfall.  No Rio Botti. There were only a bunch of Gypsies who just stared at us.





Unfortunately, the waterfall that we were looking for had dried up.  Since we were only in Italy for a few days we had no idea that it hadn’t rained in quite a while.

Even though we didn’t find the waterfall, it was a nice hike with pretty views and also great exercise!



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