Tricked by the Tour Guide

Danielle Sumoski

This is a sort of follow-up to Sara Haney’s post “Tricked by the Buti.” That was the first hike we went on, and we decided to give hiking in Italy another shot by going on a school-sponsored hike. The school had hired a tour guide that was part of a hiking club in Prato, and was going to show us around the mountain, which seemed awesome. So we woke up early, got breakfast, and headed out to meet the people going on the trip.


The hike up was great, with a site tour of parts of Prato I have never seen, plus the “wealthy” part of Prato where all the big houses and mansions are. Boy do I want to live there! Then we headed up the mountain with beautiful views even if it was a little overcast; at least there was no rain. We even saw the oldest church in Prato located a little up the mountain. We sat down to enjoy lunch on a picnic bench, and even were told that the way down was going to be a straight shot.


The way down started out fine, still in the mountain. The tour guide said we were going back on the bike path for easy walking, but we never made it there. We ended up either in the very outskirts of Prato or crossing the lines of a different city, and at one point crossed a tollbooth getting onto a highway. We then found houses, and the tour guide stopped to ask for directions. We ended up finding the river that runs down Prato, and following that back into the city. Instead of following the tour guide all the way home, though, we saw a sign for Mokha that took us back to the restaurant and we knew our way from there.


Needless to say, after these two hikes, I do not think I will be hiking again in Italy.pratohike1 pratohike2

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